About Us

Kerala’s Fresh Organic for You taps one’s nostalgic thoughts and non-availability of tasty foods of homeland in the place where one reside. Typically, it provokes different senses to evoke nostalgia and evolves around food products that bring back childhood memories, yearning for products back home for special occasions and for rediscovering homely taste. We have identified, fresh Kerala fishes are rarely available to most non-resident Keralites. To cater to this need Kerala’s Fresh Organic for You have strategized to create a service that will enable one to select and pre-order a product of their choice to be delivered at their doorstep.

Our concept revolves around a virtual store, which fetches fresh catch, caught sustainably, depending on the season, with traceability in real time. Our chilled cold logistical chain will effectively and efficiently deliver it without compromising on the quality according to one’s need. This is a unique offer in which we aim to deliver FRESH FISH from homeland, Kerala within the shortest span of time of the catch, complying with all European Union Import Regulations. In short we strive to give you fresh, cleaned fish to your home – almost ready to cook.

To place an order with us we require a minimum of 3 kg of fish. Your 3 kg order can be either a particular fish or a combination of any fishes of your choice as shown. Each of your order will be processed individually and delivered to your home by our logistics provider in polystyrene box with sufficient cooling materials to ensure the freshness of the product. So in a nutshell it’s a personalised hamper basket arriving from homeland with all goodies, fresh to your home… A Taste of Nostalgia!